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Elliott Yamin – “Fight For Love” Music Video

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Fight for Love is a song by American pop singer (former American Idol finalist) Elliott Yamin. It is the title track and first single from his sophomore album, Fight for Love.

Lyrics for Elliott Yamin – Fight For Love

I’m ecstatic, I feel the magic. It’s everlasting
I think you were meant to be alive on this very night with me
I see you clearly, your dream you hear about
But never truly think it’s realistic ’til it blows your mind
I never thought that I could understand
How I was such in need
And now I finally see 

I see that some people fight for love
They stick with it, just can’t quit it
And some people hide from love
They run from it cause they don’t want it
But when you’ve got a love and it’s good like it should be
Makes you never want to give it up
Cause you know that some people die for love
And I believe it’s true because I’d do the same for you 

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