Drop It Low” is a single by upcoming female artist Ester Dean. The track features Chris Brown and was produced by Polow da Don. The song is featured on the upcoming More Than A Game movie soundtrack. The video features cameos by Keri Hilson, Soulja Boy, Rich Boy, Nelly and many others.

Listen/Download: Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown – Drop It Low

  • More Than a Game (Music Inspired By the Film) - Various Artists


  1. Yall need to stop hating on chris brown cause that man is doing his thing .And he is paying for what he did but remeber that he was not and is not the only man that hits on woamen. So keep that in mind I betcha yall didnt think a 13 year old could go so deep.even Though it was wrong its over let the past be the past.And chris brown vocals was tight on this song anyways he will forever and always be in my heart and I will always love him no matter what.And just because that man did what he did doesnt mean he doesnt have a heart or feelings.Everybody is human and who to say that he like hitting her and he will probably make it his last time doing it.Im pretty sure of that one.

  2. oh shut up u have to let go of dhat so u gone hate chris brown 4eva just bacause he hit rhianna…………….chris and rhianna made up so u need to let dhat go and i like dha video…….i like to dance and dhatz a great video to dance off of rite move 4 her………………ILYY CHRIS BROWN

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