Jennifer Hudson gave 12-year-old Savannah Robinson the duet of a lifetime on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” After wowing audiences last week, the pint-sized powerhouse joined her idol for a special rendition of the Hudson Dreamgirls ballad “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” The Grammy-winning diva and aspiring singer brought the house down with their soaring performance.

Obviously you would believe Jennifer might outshine somebody who is so young, but Savannah is a girl who you will soon see – blows a veteran outta her socks and can really be considered on her “level” vocally. Who couldn’t agree whew you watch the performance below, watch the young divas belt it out – because it is never too young to stardom.

Already signed, are you won over by this performance as much as I am? Probably so, and that’s for a good reason – her voice is unbelievable for her age!