When you’re only 10, when your parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett and you have a worldwide smash hit single like, “Whip My Hair” – at that strature it’s only natural to debut your second single Live on The Oprah Show the week of March 1st 2011.

Willow Smith performed for the first time her new single and premiered “21st Century Girl” her new second single live on stage as seen below. She later performed the song we all know “Whip My Hair” to keep her young legacy of taking over the mass media with everybody Whippin’ their hair! Quick interview with the big “O” after Willow’s performance.

Listen to: Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl

  • 21st Century Girl - Single - Willow

Lyrics for Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl

[Willow Smith – Verse 1]

Give me an inch
I promise I’ll take a mile
Danger is beauty
I’ll face it with a smile

I’m on a mission
With no restrictions
Don’t second guess myself
I’m born to be wild

I’m the type of chick
That likes to rock the beat
I like to rock the beat
I like to rock, to rock the beat


21st Century Girl
I do what I like
21st Century Girl
I’m taking you for a ride..

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