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Tyga – Rack City Music Video

Rack City” is the second promotional music video and single from American Young Money rapper Tyga‘s upcoming second studio album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King. It is the first studio album on Young Money Entertainment.

The Banger of a Track was produced by DJ Mustard, and the music video premiered on Tyga’s official YouTube VEVO channel in early-mid January 2012.

Careless World: Rise of the Last King is a move to the rapping style he featured in the collaboration album We Are Young Money rather me than the poppy dance element shown on No Introduction.

Tyga stated that the album shows he has grown up but still relates to the kids. Tyga released a new mixtape #BitchImTheShit in preparation for this album.

Lyrics for Tyga – Rack City

Rack rack city, bitch
Rack rack rack city, bitch
Rack, rack rack rack city, bitch
Mustard on the beat

[Tyga Verse 1:]
Rack city, bitch, rack rack city, bitch
Ten, ten, ten, twenty on ya titties, bitch
100 bee VIP, no guest list
T-Raw, you don’t know who you fuckin wit?
Got my other bitch fuckin’ with my other bitch
Fuckin’ all night, nigga we ain’t celibate
Make sound too dope, I ain’t sellin it
Bar fresher than a muthafuckin peppermint
Gold leather man, Last King killin shit
Y-Young Money, Young Money yeah, we gettin’ rich
Got ya grandmom on my dick [haha]
Girl you know what it is

[Hook x2:]
Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch x3
Ten, ten, ten, twenties and them fifties bitch

[Tyga Verse 2:]
I’m a muthafuckin’ star [star]
Look at the paint on the car [car]
Too much rim make the ride too hard
Tell that bitch hop out, walk the boulevard
I need my money pronto
Get it in the morning like Alonzo
Rando Green got cheese like a nacho
If you don’t got no ass, bitch, wear a poncho
Head hancho got my seat back
Nigga staring at me, don’t get bapped
Got my shirt off, the club too packed
It’s too turnt going up like gas
Goddamn, pulled out my rags
Mike, Mike Jackson, nigga yeah I’m Bad
Ratatata, tatted up on my back
All the hoes love me, you know what it is

[Hook x2:]
Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch x3
Ten, ten, ten, twenties and them fifties bitch

[Tyga Outro: x2]
Throwing hundreds hundreds
Hundreds Hundreds
Rack rack city bitch

Listen to: Tyga – Rack City

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