Tyga feat. Boosie Badazz – ‘Pleazer’

Tyga feat. Boosie Badazz – ‘Pleazer’


Pleazer” is the seventh promotional single from American rapper Tyga‘s upcoming fifth studio album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

The track features American rapper Boosie Badazz (also known as his former name, Lil Boosie). It was Produced by FKI 1st & Jess Jackson.

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Lyrics for Tyga feat. Boosie Badazz – ‘Pleazer’

(Intro – Tyga)
Ni**a, and bounce that back
I hit her, the knick knack, give her that dab
Yeah, ni**a, smoke that

(Verse 1 – Tyga)
I, I know a little bi**h by the name Shanelle
Always wearing Louis, but fake Chanel
I’m just trying to nut like Chip and Dale
That’s some funny ass s**t like Dave Chappelle
Pu**y ass ni**as all in my mail
How you get out early? You ain’t make that bail
Snitching ain’t free, but all you do is tell
I heard you breaking bad, but the shit won’t sell
Yeah, all in your momma car with no Ls
Now she can’t make work, so you dumb as hell
Need a ghetto bi**h with long ass nails
To scratch a ni**a back and cook my meals
I got Gs on the block, bi**hes on the cock
It ain’t a house party til somebody get shot
Want fifty in the pot, play the scene, they gon flock
Have a all white party, ni**as hanging off the yachts
Bang your pistol, you too smart and little
I came with my tongue out, I’m high from the Frito
Pu**y is mental, it’s too good, I send for
Run up all in it, I’m a be here for a minute, bi**h

(Chorus – Tyga)
Ni**a, and she bounce that back
My dog trying to knick knack, give a dog a paddywhack
Paddywhack that, yeah, bounce it on my lap, lap
She’s a real d**k pleaser

Ni**a, I tell her, bounce that back
My dog trying to knick knack, give a dog a paddywhack
Paddywhack that, yeah, bounce it on my lap, lap
She’s a real d**k-pleaser

(Verse 2 – Tyga)
This ain’t rap and rap ain’t this
Tell her, Shut the f**k up and suck my d**k
She a real d**k pleaser, won’t you face my d**k
She likes d**k, d**k, dick and nothing else but d**k
She eat it like candy or sweet
My rim size satellites, that’s a deep-ass dish
You ni**as money thinner than a Conehead bi**h
No relationships, we ain’t developing s**t
Shout out all my bi**heses, you call them mistresses
I just hit and forget they even existeded
Ha, it’s all the same though
I changed the lingo, gave her dangle, buried the dang ho
I’m f**king faster, I’m getting stronger
I hit her, she backwards, licking her asshole
My d**k is the password
T nasty, bout to catch a felony for it
Vagina juice like orange juice in the morning

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Boosie Badazz)
This for Section 8 Taniquas, real dick pleaser
Right to the side, right now I need her
Super bad, her body a trigger, you’re mine to eat, uh
S**k and swallow, s**k and swallow
Smile, make me weaker
Get it? Just stuck that Kardashian pu**y
Business minded, but most of all she nasty for me
And she wetter, she wetter, wetter than Niagra Falls
Turned up sex appeal, she don’t wear no draws
I like girls who like girls, got to track Boosie
Now I’m praying, tell you my ten is wit the fat coochie

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