Maria Aragon hit it virally by performing and playing piano solo of Lady Gaga‘s new single “Born This Way“.

The 10-year-old Winnipeg girl’s cover of Lady Gaga’s new single Born This Way has become a YouTube sensation after Gaga posted her support on Twitter. Gaga tweeted that Maria Aragon’s version of the song brought her to tears.

She appeared on The Ellen Show to cover and perform the single including the verse left out from the original viral video. Which version do you prefer that she performed? Is Maria Aragon the next big star singer – I’m just WOW’d by her amazing voice!

Afterwards being signed by ex-American Idol judge Simon Cowell. The former “American Idol” judge/music mogul gave Heather a contract after viewing a YouTube video of the budding artist – shared with him by former “Canadian Idol” judge Zack Werner — according to Toronto’s The Star.

Heather has reportedly begun working with Rob Fusari (the produced who helped launch Lady Gaga’s incredible rise to fame), according to the Canadian paper.

A video posted on the chanteuse’s YouTube channel shows Heather (at age 8!) performing a song she penned. Her channel also features additional videos of the young musician accompanying herself on the piano while she sings. Her video performances have been viewed collectively over 250,000 times on YouTube.

Written by Access Hollywood

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