In The Dark” is the first promotional single from female R&B / Pop singer and songwriter JoJo‘s 2010 mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me. The music video premiered in early September 2010.

The song was produced by Jordan Gatsby, and has a very “experimental” sound to it.

Listen/Download: JoJo – In The Dark

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Lyrics for JoJo – In The Dark

Verse 1
This ain’t the first or last time
We’ll meet up this late at night
To let our fate intertwine
Casually I’d rather be
Detach from all tragedy
This don’t need to be defined

And I know that it’s wrong
I do I do
Baby keep holding on
I do I do
Yeah, I know that it’s wrong
I do
When the sun comes up, I’ll be gone

I only know him in the dark
I only know him in the dark

Verse 2
Try to stay desensitized
Keep my feelings out of mind
My body won’t be denied
Never took this road before
Love was always at the core
Of anyone I’ve been with before…

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  1. Wow JOJO is an amazing artist all teenagers here in the UAE love her (the ones I know)..
    Seriously, I can’t really believe that she sings like that!! Amazing vocals!! I loved the song & I’m so excited to finally see a new video !!!


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