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Justin Bieber – Never Let You Go Music Video

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Never Let You Go” is a song performed by Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber. The track was written by Bieber and also co-written and produced by production duo Johnta Austin and Bryan-Michael Cox.

It was originally released as the first digital-only single from latter half of Bieber’s debut album, My World 2.0 on March 2, 2010, and is the second single from the album.

Rolling Stone confirmed in January 2010 that the music video had already been shot by director Colin Tilley while Bieber was at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Actress Paige Hurd portrays Bieber’s love interest in the video.

Lyrics for Justin Bieber – Never Let You Go

Oh no, oh no, oh
They say that hate has been sent
So let loose the talk of love (of love, of love)
Before they outlaw the kiss
Baby give me one last hug (last hug, last hug)

There’s a dream that I’ve been chasing
Want so badly for it to be reality
And when you hold my hand then I understand
That it’s meant to be

‘Cause baby when you’re with me
It’s like an angel came by (oh)
And took me to heaven
(Like you took me to heaven, girl)
‘Cause when I stare in your eyes
It couldn’t be better
(I don’t want you to go, oh no, so)

Let the music blast
We gon’ do our dance
Bring the doubters on
They don’t matter at all
‘Cause this life’s too long
And this love’s too strong
So baby, know for sure
That I’ll never let you go
They say that hate has been sent ..

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Listen/Download: Justin Bieber – Never Let You Go

  • Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go - Single - Never Let You Go


  1. wow. this is the first song that ive listened to that justin bieber sings that duznt say the title in it like a million times. lolz. its a rlly nice song tho. im not a huge fan of justin bieber but there is no arguing that hes cute and can definately sing. if justin bieber actually checks this and replies……which i highly doubt……then id say……….ur super talented so dont get cant up in all the drama the paparazzi mite cause. u seem like a gr8 guy and itd b cool to go to one of ur concerts one day. =D

  2. Hello justin beiber .I’m a girl XD ,i’m 11 year old (i’m young i know) XD and I want to be your friend please XD bye

  3. i love your songs but me best favorite songs r baby and never let u go but u have to stop singing with ugly girls do it with cute and nice girls,cause those girls looks like bitch…

  4. u are freaking HOT please hug me tight when i come 2 ur concert please! I FREAKIN LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE YOU!

  5. sooooo cute…….. justin……… i jst loved ur songs……. especially that nevr let u go n baby………
    u really rock dude……….

  6. hey boys dont be a haters of justin bieber the problem is that yopu can a force a girl to go out with you but JUSTIN BIEBER IS SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT OK GUYS DONT BE A HATERS AND LOVERS OF JUSTIN BIEBER keep saiyng hes so hottttttttttttttttt@#$%^&*&%%$#$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he have more money them you guys okkkkkkkkkkkkk get it

  7. justin bieber es muy lindo quisiera que viniera a EL SALVADOR a dar un corciento y que me diera en tradas para los camerinos siii y fuera a mi casa …

  8. justin bieber eu adoro-te!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vem dar concertos a celorico de basto aqui em portugal

    por favor……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  9. o my gosh this song is my fav song ever and the video is amazing loved it and the part where justin is on a cliff is beuatiful great song and video bye

  10. Justin you very much, but I love all the songs by heart I know and every night in my dreams you love know that because I love you … to Turkey to come I look forward regardless of your concert to come one can not stop … again I love you so much ..

  11. See, i hate it when girls get soo obsessed over Justin. He’s completly GORGEOUS but you cant sit there and drool over him..You need to be laid back and let him do him.. I;m suree he would very much appreciate it 🙂

  12. this is one of his best songs other than one less lonley girl and it is the only one where he dont repeat himself bless him love him x x

  13. Justin u do now that I will give you everything that u want everything and I will also give u my life and I know that the fucking video that they made of u is a bitch ass mathafucking video and their trying to take Ur carrier from u and when me and all of Ur fans soon will find that asshall who created that video I promise sincerely Selena Gomez

  14. ılove you!!!!! türkiye konserine kesinlikle geliyorum bebeğim askım seni çok seviyorum hergünarkılarını dinliyorum hepsini de çokseviyorum askım kosnerine geliyorum : Dseni orda dudağından öpicem askımmmm

  15. yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………………………………….. i am crazy of his songssss…………………………….thy hit onto my heart………..


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