Lil’ Wayne feat. T-Pain – Got Money

Got Money is a newly leaked track from Lil’ Wayne‘s highly anticipated CD Tha Carter III.

It features T-Pain, and it’s on FIRE! Tha Carter III is just around the corner (Out June 10th), and this track is unbelievable.

T-Pain makes another hit, and Wayne has a great follow up to the ‘Lollipop’ vocoder. ELLA ELLA ELLA EHH!!

Are you ready for Tha Carter III? I know I am!!

3 responses to “Lil’ Wayne feat. T-Pain – Got Money”

  1. i’m a huge weezy fan, despite all the haters now that everyone’s gotten on wayne’s bandwagon the past 24 months, and i’ve even been cool with the fact it seems like weezy is doing more fucking around in the studio while high on coke n lean, but i kept out hope he was gonna bring it with the carter 3. nope. boy is too fuck up on lean n yayo, and he’s not putting in the kind of effort or focus he used too. evidence = “i got money” … if this song is really on the carter 3, i’m really disapointed

  2. This Ride music video be so amazing! Cici did a great shooting and she really just did one of the bestest music videos of all time! (Just lik that song by beyonce lol). HATAS stay hatin cuz ci-ci doin her thang

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