Qveen Herby is back with a BANGER OF A TRACK on her new smash single and video “ViTAMINs!”

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Qveen comin back with a brand new style
Been focused on my shit makin moves in silence
Workin out sleepin in takin vitamins
Oo I been wakin up smilin
Bitch, now they callin me your highness
Oo I been wakin up smilin
Workin out sleepin in takin vitamins

Aim high and I swing low
Open mind, anything goes
TLC to these silly hoes
They ain’t listening to Qveen and it really shows
I baptize bitches with my holy flows
I don’t fuck with no chickens, only goats
Out here lookin like a vegan, oh she glows
Wanna know my secrets and my antidotes

Self-care, good livin
Vision board and a mission
Eat my greens, nutrition
You ain’t on my vibe then I don’t gotta listen

Vitamin A vitamin B vitamin C
Vitamin D vitamin bitch vitamin please
I went bullshit free for weeks
It snatched my physique put the color back in my cheeks
I found peace now my influence is catastrophic
The beat break down soon as I get on it
Soon as Louis drop the season bitch I copped it
Be like SOS you can’t stop it

No schmoke, marijuana
No show for the drama
Go Vogue like Madonna
No cones when I wanna
Meditate in my sauna
Levitate countin commas
She a real one yeah, she’s a stunna

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