56 Nights” is a promotional music video and a Street Single from American rapper Future‘s eleventh mixtape, 56 Nights.

Future’s official music video for “56 Nights” off 56 Nights, was released on May 18th 2015 via Freeband Gang’s official YouTube account.

56 Nights is the eleventh mixtape by American rapper Future, released in collaboration with DJ Esco.

The music video was directed by Vincent Lou Film and the Banger of a Track was produced by Southside and released on May 11th 2015.

Watch VIDEO: Future – “56 Nights”

Lyrics for Future – ’56 Nights’

[Intro: Future]
Waking up fresh, that’s Kodak
Killing these niggas, you know that
Real street nigga, you know that
Real street nigga, you know that

[Hook: Future]
I think 56 nights crazy
I think 56 nights crazy
I think me and Esco crazy
I think me and Young Sco’ crazy
I did 56 broads on the European tour and they was all crazy
I did 56 broads on the European tour and they was all crazy
I took 56 bars all in one month nigga and I’m still dranking
I could still see the scar on a nigga hand man shit real crazy
I been taking these molly’s, still nodding off cause a nigga too faded
I’ve been laying low key inside, my nigga, vault money is my motivation

[Verse 1: Future]
Money keep a nigga motivated
Molly keep a nigga motivated
Percocet keep em motivated
Good drank keep a nigga motivated
Lortabs on my conversation
Talk a lot of bands then we conversatin’
I was on my way to Rice Street in the paddie wagon and it had me numb
The pain from the slum had me numb
Tryna sell some dope and eat caviar
Got the passport in Saudi Arabia
We’ve been flossing in medallions
We ain’t nothing but some Talibans
I pull up right now and embarrass ya
I’ve just been hanging with savages
Lately I’ve been hanging around with my savages
I grew up on the block, 1 hunnid
I go on The Bluff it’s 1 hunnid
I done did enough in the jungle
I done put in some work and they love me
When I drink out the cup, it’s so dirty
Had the blow at the store, they was lurking
Poured a 4 in a cup it was breakfast, sprinkled sauce in my drink and I took it

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Future]
Promethazine took my concentration
To another level then I elevated
Diamonds hanging on me I’m intoxicated
Diamonds hanging off me I’m intoxicated
Chop it up with a sack chaser
Told you I wasn’t going back, baby
Hanging out with some crack babies
Fell in love with this cash baby
Money touch a niggas hands, on a few zans might won’t count it
Spend it all in one night, if we could rewind it, we’ll still do it
I’m true to this game
I jump on a plane
And run to the stage
I’ve been working some years for this
Making music, I live for this
Hit the trap in my Louboutins
Count it up then I bag up a brick
Mount it up then I smash out in it
You know I’m gon’ do the whole dash in this motherfucker
I’m bout to pass out in this motherfucker
I’m bout to pass out in this motherfucker
These bitches louder than a motherfucker
These bitches still do anything for me