Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk Music Video

Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk Music Video

Dirty Talk” is the debut solo single from American singer-songwriter Wynter Gordon‘s upcoming debut studio album With the Music I Die and first EP, The First Dance.

The official music video premiered in early November 2010, and it features Wynter in a very different environment much less “fairytale” and more “dance-club” than the original.

Official “Dirty Talk” Music Video by Wynter Gordon [2nd version]

The first music video for “Dirty Talk” was shot in early June 2010 and was directed by Armen Djerrahian. Via Twitter Wynter said, A little magic, a little fairytale and nature that’s the dirty talk video .. What an amazing experience’ The first video version premiered in late July 2010.

Original “Dirty Talk” Music Video by Wynter Gordon

Listen/Download: Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk

Some screen caps from “Dirty Talk” / the Original Music Video

Behind the scenes video was released. The first music video was released on July 19th via wyntergordon.com It is her first appearance on a single since her cameo on Flo Rida’s 2009 single Sugar.

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