Back 2 Back” is the lead promotional single from American artist and R&B singer Bryan J‘s upcoming EP.

The Banger of a Track features American rapper 2 Chainz.

The song “Back 2 Back” was released on June 20th 2015, via Bryan J’s official YouTube channel.

Bryan J is currently hard at work on his forthcoming EP on Tricky Stewart’s RedZone Records

Listen to: Bryan J featuring 2 Chainz – ‘Back 2 Back’

Lyrics for Bryan J ft. 2 Chainz – ‘Back 2 Back’

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
One time ain’t fo enough, goin’ like you bent so bent
Girl you do it so good
Know we gonna hurt with all of that

[Verse – 2 Chainz]
Show time, 5 minutes, 2 chains be on
I make her wet, make her change that all
She own me like a law, I own her like perfume
Get her in here and back in room
This boom and it’s tune

I’mma do what you want me to do
I’m prayin’ you, say you
True out, let’s crew, monkey sea, monkey do no zoo
You kiss me, I kiss you
Sex is a weapon, might piss too
Go boom-boom, chilli bang-bang
You can watch me, really ain’t no thing (bam!)

[Hook – Bryan J]
Look at your body
Do you know what you have girl?
Uh you got me, you got me the my hands in the air
Whatever you in for you know I’m there

(Yeah) No limits, no limits when it come to you, babe
Can get it, can get it baby
Whenever you want it, girl it’s on you
[Let’s runin’ back x 2
Runin’ back babe]x 2

[Verse – Bryan J]
A few time, one night, end that up, this a fine night
Add that up, this a fine night
Baby go down, let me get that
Feel so good when it’s done right
Whatever you want, my babe let me get it
If I’m messsin’ with you it ain’t no limit
Man I got a think for that bad, bad women
If it’s right hoers, I’mma ride, let me get it
Break it down, she gonna ride me like a four-wheeler
And she rock with me cuz she know I’mma go with realler


Nigga break it down, she gonna find me like a phow willer
And she rock with me cuz she know I’ma go realer



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