Ciara‘s latest album “Fantasy Ride” attempts to take the listeners through none other than a “Fantasy Ride”. This album is Ciara’s debut of her “Super C” which is here alter-ego that comes out when she’s on stage and performing. Super C can be seen in the video “Go Girl”. This album kicked off her first promo single with “Go Girl” featuring T-Pain, followed by first official single “Never Ever” featuring Young Jeezy and the chart topper second single “Love Sex Magic” featuring Justin Timberlake. The album features production and writing credits by Danja, The-Dream, Polow da Don, Darkchild, Tricky Stewart, Ne-YoThe Clutch and Dr. Luke. It also features artists such as Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy and Missy Elliott.

The Tracks

Love Sex MagicCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake) featuring Justin Timberlake, produced by the Y’s is the second official single from the album. The track in general sounds like an overhauled version of Justin’s “Love Stoned” track (we all remember that right?) Very different “funky” style from what Ciara usually does, however, it obviously has done well for Ciara on the radio. All night, show it, just you and the crowd, Doing tricks you never seen. And I bet that I can make you believe – In love and sex and magic. So let me drive my body around you, I bet you know what I mean. Cause you know that I can make you believe – In love and sex and magic.

High PriceCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - High Price (feat. Ludacris) featuring Ludacris, is a track produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. This track leaked awhile ago, however fans wanted it. This track is a true southern banger. With a new style from Ciara, boasting about “High Price”, Louie Vuitton, etc Ludacris throws his vocals on to make this a real southern banger. Cause I’m high price, Better have on a hot pair of nikes, Better buy me anything I like – Cause I’m already holdin, holdin. High price – Better have on a hot pair of nikes, Better buy me anything I like Cause I’m already holdin, holdin

TurntablesCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Turntables (feat. Chris Brown) featuring Chris Brown, is a track produced by Danja and written by The Clutch, is easily one of the most unique tracks on the entire album. Amazing production and great vocals from both Cici and Chris makes this easily one of the best tracks on the entire album. Wats the deal bout what ya lookin for, Know what ya need baby come on.. Be my DJ knight, Won’t ya come n save my life.. You turn me on (on).. But ya need a raw record, With somethin unexpected To keep me goin — I want you to turn the tables.. turn the tables.. turn the tables on me

Never EverCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Never Ever (feat. Young Jeezy) featuring Young Jeezy, is the first “official” single from the album. The track is produced by Polow da Don and definitely brings Ciara to the next level on her music. Beautiful production and a great beat keeps this song in rotation for years down the road. This will be classic Ciara a few years now. Polow and Ciara both make a great track with a great verse also from Young Jeezy. Too bad it didn’t do better on the radio, she deserved it for this single. If that boy don’t love you by now… he will never ever – never ever, love you.. he will never ever – never ever, love you…

Lovers ThingCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Lover's Thing (feat. The-Dream) featuring The-Dream, is the typical “Love vs Money” or “Love/Hate”. The track is produced and written by Carlos McKinney and The-Dream. Typical “The-Dream” slow-jam track, but just with duet vocals from Ciara and The-Dream. And overall nice track, nothing out of the ordinary other than just an average track.

WorkCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Work (feat. Missy Elliott) featuring Missy Elliott is an upbeat track produced by Danja. The style of production is very much cookie cutter sound effects made into beats (much like Danity Kane’s song “Pretty Boy” that Danja also produced). Infectious hook and Missy on the track just seems right. Perfect musical work here! Work work work work… Bitch you better work that..

Pucker Up (Kiss My Swag)Ciara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Pucker Up is a track produced by Darkchild – and what a track it is!! AMAZING track, and the hook.. wow words can’t explain how great it is! All the elements from the production, to Ciara’s “Muah” kiss, and the hook are just perfect! Definitely should be a single. You don’t like how I rock my (swag)? — If you don’t like it you can kiss my (swag).. Pucker up.. It’ll make you famous ha-hollywood.. Pucker up.. Just kiss my, just kiss, just kiss kiss my.. Pucker up.. I can see you feenin’, my swagg is waitin’.. Pucker up, pucker up, pucker up.. Sma-sma-smooches

G is for Girl (A-Z)Ciara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - G Is for Girl (A-Z) is a track produced by the Y’s (featuring Justin Timberlake). The track is of the same style “Love Sex Magic” is, except sounding much more Ciara’s southern style. Very catchy hook and overall a nice track. “G” stands for girl-like Gangsta.. Listen when I speak, Don’t talk ’til I say so, Real G’s work hard for they Queso.. (Ladies say) “G” stands for girl-like Gangsta

Keep Dancin on MeCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Keep Dancin' On Me is a track produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. The track is an upbeat track with a steady keyboard beat undertone. Beautifully done track as I’ve gotten all the words memorized after a few playthroughs – that’s good right? Lead me out on the floor, Bring ya body closer. Take it all, give me more, do me like ya supposed to. Move with me left and right slide your hands over mine, Using all your imagination, leave everything behind, Take my hand, lay on my face, Feel my heart tumbling. Dark corners, flashing lights, keep the music coming, I’m off the earth, on the stars I ain’t worried about tomorrow.. Keep going ’till the world disappears.. Keep dancing on me…

Tell Me What Your Name IsCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Tell Me What Your Name Is is a track produced by Luke “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. The track is a power slow jam but very much all-around Ciara. Powerful hook, nice lyrics and good vocals. I don’t wanna waste your time.. I just wanna make you mine.. Wanna play with you all night, So tell me what your name is. And I know I’m acting strange. Girls ain’t suppose to talk this way.. But I can’t let you slip away, So tell me what your name is.

Bonus Tracks:

I’m OnCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - I'm On is the BEST track on the entire album. Upbeat and exactly where Ciara’s roots are. Club anthem while staying a little fiesty, a definite hit if they were ever to put this one out there as a single. Words definitely can’t express my love of this track. From it’s electro-vibe to the vocals.. everything is ON POINT! Turn off the lights, I got my right hand in position, So I can get that when I’m with ya.. Come on boy, Come on boy, I’m on boy, I’m turned on. — I don’t need nobody else.. I can do damage by myself, Walk in the room.. Everybody like damn, She can do damage by herself

I’m On” by Ciara

Go GirlCiara - Go Girl (feat. T-Pain) - Single - Go Girl (feat. T-Pain) featuring T-Pain, was the first single released (later to be called a Promo Single). The track (which should’ve done WAY better on the charts) has that classic T-Pain hook and is the first video to include Ciara’s alter-ego “Super C”. This has an addictive hook and it has a great video. Go-Girl – ‘Cause I be going on ’em, Ooh they couldn’t stop if they wanted to. That’s why they call me Go-Girl, I’m the energizer PlayBoy bunny, I keep going and going And you know it, that’s why they call me Go-Girl, Please let me know, if you really want mo’ – I can take it to the flo’. Sit back, relax, enjoy the show, Call me baby I can be your Go-Girl

EchoCiara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Echo produced by Danja and written by The Clutch, is a track that really should’ve made the main cuts for the album (along with “I’m On” and “Go Girl”). It’s an upbeat track that just oozes Ciara’s swag. Various mixtapes feature Young Jeezy on a remix on early leaks. (Hello!) Hello, hello – Talkin’ bout that fly shit, Somethin’ you can ride wit. Did you hear me? (Hello!) Hello, hello – Don’t disturb me, I don’t think you heard me, so I gotta – Echo, echo. Raise your voice, raise your voice, Girls louder than the boys – Echo, echo. Say it again, say it again. Lemme hear you make some noise. — They say Ciara got the hood… Ciara got the ‘burbs… They say Ciara got the moves… Ciara got them curves…

The Hype Factor Bonus

Feeling On My A..” produced and featured by Sean Garrett, also features Gucci Mane – is a bonus track (or B-Side) from Ciara’s album Fantasy Ride. This gem of a track is not included on any versions besides download via internet. Great masterpiece in particular the hook written by Garrett. When I had first heard the song demo by Sean Garrett, I knew for sure that Ciara would kill the track and thought for sure it’d make the cut. When my man Gucci hopped on the track I knew it would be a smash, but eventually didn’t get put on any versions (as of yet). So here, for an exclusive look at what didn’t make the cut check out “Feeling On My A” which is a club banger of all types with a “Sean Garrett” type of hook that you just can’t get out your head and a great beat.

Listen/Download: Ciara feat. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett – Feeling On My A..


Overall this album will keep the Ciara fan satisfied for awhile. With her ever-changing style and some for sure club banger hits on the album this will surely keep every fan happy. If you were a fan of Ciara in her “1, 2 Step” and “Goodies” days, this will for sure be something for you to check out. The standard edition includes 13 tracks, and the limited Deluxe Edition features 15 tracks and a DVD with exclusive video content featuring Behind the scenes, the making of and the music videos of her first three singles. Although the album was first rumored to be a three disc set, instead of lots of mediocre songs it is quality track after quality track to really keep your cars bass happy and you singing it every day!

Ciara’s “Fantasy Ride” in stores now and online on iTunes and Amazon

THE HYPE FACTOR Evaluation: 4 1/2 out of 5

Bonus Material





  1. This ride music video was so hot! Cici did a great shooting and she created one of the most amazing music videos of all time! (just lik Single Ladies by Beyonce haha). HATERS stay hatin cuz Ciara doin her thing