Do It For You” is the first single from Pop/rock group Ballas Hough Band‘s first Untitled studio album.

Listen/Download: Ballas Hough Band – Do It For You

  • Ballas Hough Band - Do It for You - Single - Do It for You

Mark Ballas began playing the guitar at the age of 4 and at the age of 12 began to write and perform his own music, playing guitar, drums and bass. The Hough siblings and Ballas had their own pop music trio called “2B1G(2 Boys 1 Girl)” as the siblings mentioned on Entertainment Tonight on October 11, 2007.

With his best friend Derek Hough, he formed the band Almost Amy, now known as Ballas Hough Band. Other members of the band are Emily Grace – flute/sax/piano/vocals, Sam Marder – bass and Harry Sullivan – drums.

They describe their music as acoustic/pop/rock/soul with catchy melodies and harmonies/funky guitar riffs with a pop/flamenco/jazzy feel good vibe. Their music includes Ride, Model in the Making, Get Through, Millions, Know Better, and more.