Ciara-or-Dear-Jayne-This-Track-or-That-TrackFeelin On My A” is a song first for Ciara‘s studio album Fantasy Ride. The single first leaked as Sean Garrett with Autotune – later to be replaced with Ciara on autotune (which presumably isn’t a final cut because of the autotune). Later a final remix was released featuring Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett.

The song was not chosen for the album cut or any bonus tracks. That is when the girlgroup Dear Jayne picked up the track, in which Flo Rida was added on as a verse. There has been speculation that Dear Jane’s version might be a final version for the song and quite possibly may be a single.

Listen/Download: Ciara feat. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett – Feelin On My A


Listen/Download: Dear Jayne feat. Flo Rida & Sean Garrett – Feelin On My A


Original Demo (Bonus)

Listen/Download: Sean Garrett – Feelin On My


  1. are yall deaf. the Ciara track isnt even mastered. Plus the chics from Dear Jayne got mad vocals. I was surprised to see the poll results. must be a lot of Ciara stans on here. Dont get me wrong, got mad love for Ciara, but yall need to give other chics a chance to advance in the game. The Dear Jayne and Flo Rida joint thumps so hard.