She’s Fine is the first single from Lousiana rapper Hurricane Chris‘ sophomore album, as of yet untitled (currently titled “Unleashed“), and features Superstarr.

Listen/Download: Hurricane Chris feat. Superstarr – She’s Fine (Halle Berry)


  1. Dis video is str8 but he couldv did ah little better and i like dat lil boosie n dis. thats dat NIGGA. but futhermore i love da song and im pretty sure Halle Berry do too. lol

  2. POW POW POW , HALLE BERRY ! lOL , this sonq keeps niqgas hype . hurricane chris looks so different ! who told him to qrow up ?

  3. everybody say that halle berry like this song but its sayn all dis nasty stuff… i doubt that she has ever heard the real version either that or she dont like it.

  4. he stole that song from supa star. this was a big song in dallas by super star( the guy on the last verse). Hurricane Chris wasnt even in the song, Now all of a sudden Its by Hurricane. Hurricane Chris was desperate to come out with something to help his failing career. Sucks because that song is old in Dallas.


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