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Intuition is the third studio album by actor and R&B singer Jamie Foxx. It was released on December 16, 2008 in the United States under J Records. Man’s Intuition, as Foxx describes it, will focus on the needs and wants of the opposite sex. “On my radio show I have this panel of beautiful women and they were talking about how men with a lot of money aren’t all that. But if a guy has no money, that’s no good either,” Foxx explained. So I was thinking, ‘What does a woman want? We go from there and build the story and the songs.”

Just Like Me” is the lead single produced by Tricky Stewart & The-Dream from Jamie Foxx‘s third studio album Intuition. The track features T.I. can very easily be compared to a male version of Mariah’s “Touch My Body”. It’s produced by the same people who worked with Mariah on Touch My Body. “Digital Girl” is another track produced by Tricky Stewart & The-Dream (features sample of “Can’t Believe It” by T-Pain.) The track features Kanye West & The-Dream. The track features Kanye who spits a few good lines and The-Dream who keeps the track interesting.

Tricky Stewart also produces three other tracks,”Why” “Slow” and “Rainman“. All of which are slow R&B songs which are mediocre at best and can easily be skipped. Unless, you know – you’re really into slow R&B jams.

She Got Her Own” is the second single from the album (released earlier off Ne-Yo’s album). The track is produced by Butter Beats and features Ne-Yo & Fabolous. It is the Part 2 of Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent and a decent track overall.

The Timbaland produced “I Don’t Need It” is a track which is similiar to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”, also produced by Timbaland. The song is more about the production than anything else, but nothing outstanding coming from Timbaland.

Number One (Let’s Get Dumb)” is probably the strongest track on the album. It is produced by Just Blaze and features Lil’ Wayne (features sample of “The New Style” by The Beastie Boys.) The track features a repetitive clap with an addictive chorus that you will keep singing over and over. Besides that, Wayne is on the song and he always puts his special touch on every track.

Another outstanding track would be “Blame It (On the Alcohol)“. The track is produced by Christopher “Deep” Henderson and features T-Pain (features samples of “I Luv Your Girl” by The-Dream.) The hook has that classic T-Pain hook that will be driven in your head.

The tracks that follow (7-15) are all slower songs, none of which stood out to me. They might be decent if you give them a few more spins, but they’re not too interesting.

With the strong set of songs at the first half of the CD, the other half seems to be lacking a bit. It features good handful of slow songs after a powerful opening set and they all seem a bit under-produced and not too interesting. With a good set of outstanding tracks, the “other” tracks seem to be a bit of a let down – and seem like they could’ve been a bit more. However, the songs that are quality are ones that you’ll keep on repeat and keep this album a little interesting.

THE HYPE FACTOR Evaluation: 3 out of 5

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