Kat Dahlia – The High Music Video


The High” is a music video from Kat Dahlia‘s latest masterpiece – her latest mixtape Seeds. In the Garcia-directed clip, Kat Dalhia is using her voice to speak out on an important issue. The Miami singer tackles domestic violence in the video for “The High“, which was shot in Miami.

Kat’s intimate love affair turns violent when her man starts to abuse her. Although visually provocative, the underlying message is the disturbingly high rate of domestic violence against women. Kat directs viewers to a website for the Speak Up Foundation, where women can go to seek help.

Kat has been busy gearing up for her new single, “Crazy,” and will hit the road in support of the launch. Her Seeds mixtape is now available online as a free download.

Look out for her debut My Garden later this year.

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