Kristinia DeBarge – “Goodbye” Music Video

Kristinia DeBarge is in full “Single Girl Swag” mode in her debut music video for “Goodbye“. Directed by Ray Kay, watch as Kristinia and her girls steal her ex-boyfriend’s car, throw a crazy house party and show off some sick dance moves on the beach! If you haven’t already said “hello” to the rising star Kristinia DeBarge get ready to make your formal introduction.

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Listen/Download: Kristinia DeBarge – Goodbye

  • Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye - Single - Goodbye


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5 responses to “Kristinia DeBarge – “Goodbye” Music Video”

  1. I really like Kristinia and her song Goodbye. I thought it was so awesome when I first heard it!
    Today I actually went on Youtube and looked at different versions of this song and found this killer rendition by this really beautiful artist Alina:
    I think this version is even better then the original but then what do I know! lol

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