Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway music video

Meet Me Halfway is the third official single and was the third promotional single by Black Eyed Peas, taken from their 5th studio album The E.N.D.

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The music video has been confirmed by to be directed by Mathew Cullen and Mark Kudsi (directors of “Boom Boom Pow”). “This is a very different type of video … ‘Boom Boom Pow’ was very futuristic and ‘I Gotta Feeling’ had a party vibe, but this is more artistic video. It’s very arty.”
The video was released onto the iTunes Music store on October 13, 2009. The video features the members in different parts of the Solar System. Also announced that they will release 2 versions of the video, one will be the official and the other one will be for the fans, this last one being very personal.”

Listen/Download: Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway

Fergie told the Daily Mail that when she was recording her vocals for “Meet Me Halfway”, she “transported herself back to 1985, when she was 10 and saw Madonna in concert for the first time on the Virgin tour. She took on Madonna’s persona in that song as a homage.”

The song was used in a promo for DirecTV.

The video opens on a road in the middle of a desert panning up to the cosmic sky which shifts to scenes of each of the members singing in different locations of space: Fergie lies in the middle of a lush, green forest, levitates on a desert planet in nomadic clothing, rides an elephant on a moon of Jupiter, and Taboo glides around the Sun in a spacesuit. Apl takes out a map and uses a compass to search for a path to the other members. After a while, finds a dial which reveals gateways for each of the members to go through. All the members use the gateway, turn into shooting stars, and land on the planet (presumably Earth), with the road in the middle of the desert.