Will.i.am & Fergie Talk About ‘The E.N.D.’


will.i.am gives his suggestions on when you should crank up “The E.N.D.

“In the club. Getting ready for the club. After the club,” says will.i.am, smiling. “At a party. Before the party. After the party. When stressed out — to escape… After you’ve escaped and you want to party,” he says with a laugh.”

“The E.N.D.” takes Fergie back to the good ol’ days…

“It just takes me back to going to raves in high school,” says Fergie, 34. “I used to be the girl on the stage with the glow stick, twirling it. And now I’m STILL the girl on stage with the glow stick.”

Check out the entire AP article here: http://blackeyedpeas.dipdive.com/news/5975

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