Pretty Boy Swag” is the first official single released by Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em for his upcoming third studio album The DeAndre Way. The song is produced by G5 Kids.

Pop/R&B artist, dancer and singer/songwriter Ciara released her own girl-power version naturally titled “Pretty Girl Swag” in mid June 2010. Ciara’s version has even peaked on some radio stations throughout the country, hitting #90 on the U.S. R&B charts – despite being an actual cover or a snippet of the remix.

The official remix features rapper Gucci Mane and R&B singer Ciara and according to Soulja Boy’s Twitter account, they will be shooting a video for the remix.

There was also a remix made by Soulja Boy himself entitled “Dope Boy Swag,” with more of a street flavor to it. In addition, there is a mashup with Soulja Boy’s parts, a verse from Fabolous and the beat to “I’m Single” by Lil Wayne.

Check out Soulja Boy‘s music videos for Pretty Boy Swag:

Official Version

Alternative Explicit (Street Version)

Listen/Download: Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Explicit dirty version)

BONUS: Listen/Download: Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Radio version)

Now check out Ciara‘s own cover of “Pretty Girl Swag“:

Listen/Download: Ciara – Pretty Girl Swag

Now who did the “Pretty Boy Swag” track better? Soulja Boy OR Ciara??