Ryan Cabrera – Say (New Single!)

Ryan Frank Cabrera (born July 18, 1982 in Dallas, Texas) is an American pop rock musician, who emerged onto the music scene in 2004.

Here’s the full version of Ryan Cabrera‘s song “Say” to be from his next album The Moon Under Water to be due out later this year.

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Currently in the studio working on his 3rd album, Ryan Cabrera is hard at work, 7 months into the project, which he feels will be his best work to date. “The sound of the new record I think will open a lot of eyes and ears, and definitely be a surprise to fans and anybody who hasn’t heard my music! I want to take my time with this record and really make a diverse entire album, as opposed to just a single or two, no I want a ride, a journey, I want the record to be able to be played all the way through. In fact, there are songs that none of my management or crew have heard. So many things have changed in my life, and the music is heading along with it.” (cited from Cabrera’s myspace 8/12/07)

“The new album “The Moon Under Water” is quite a different experience than any past record I have ever done!! You will hear a new but familiar sound coming from this album.. I have spent about a year and a half writing and recording what I think is my best work to date! I wanted the album to be a rollercoaster of generes and experiences..i wanted to people and confuse people.. I wanted a high energy, emotional, real album..one that only hearing one song, wouldn’t be enough! This is my first album off a major record label, and I decided to keep it that way, by paying for the entire project myself!! Which gave me complete creative freedom! I wanted this project and record to be a personal and honest one which people can feel a part of…haha and nothing to do with stupid hair!! -Ryan”

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