Take Ur Clothes Off” is the first promotional single that is a part of Timbaland‘s promotional Timbaland Thursdays as a part of his TimbalandThursdays.com weekly Thursday music feature.

The Banger of a Track features female rapper- Timbaland’s long affiliated musical partner Missy Elliott, with Timbo just on the beat this is one HOT blazing track!

Timbaland has begun releasing his first track for Timbo Thursdays, “Take Ur Clothes Off” in which he will be releasing one track a week every Thursday for an unset amount of time.

Much like Kanye West’s “GOOD Friday” featuring some tracks from his studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Swizz Beatz’ “Monster Monday” series featuring production from Swizz – Timbaland’s will surely feature the hottest beats and the latest “Shock Value” artists to well, surprise you and bring something different to the table.

Anybody remember that Timbaland’s hit single featuring Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake “Give It To Me“? Listen to it, and watch the music video for a quick visual experience of what you might expect to come in the near future from Timbo.

Well, “Take Ur Clothes Off” just oozes similarities and that “Timbo-banger-factor” that will have you putting this track on replay immediately and you just can’t get enough of it, playing it over and over again. Here’s to another great Thursday next week, listen to this week’s featured track below.

Lyrics for Timbaland & Missy Elliott – Take Ur Clothes Off

Coming soon! Listen to it for now, sing along later – enjoy!

Listen to/Download: Timbaland & Missy Elliott – Take Ur Clothes Off