Will.I.Am – “We Are The Ones”

Will.I.Am has released a second video in support of Barack Obama. The video features several Hispanic voters and celebrities, including comedian George Lopez.

4 responses to “Will.I.Am – “We Are The Ones””

  1. Obama is full of shit and so are his supporters. He’s going to make the world a better place? HOW??? I keep hearing him making all these promises and talk a bunch of nonsense, but he never says what the fuck he’s going to do and exactly how he’s going to do it!

  2. obama rocks so all of u that want mccain or hillary get the fuck over it bitch obama is president now all uur guys’s whining isnt gonna do shittt for anyone ur just gonna be hurting ur self not anyone else so get the fuck over it okayyy I♥OBAMA GO OBAMAAA HELLLL YAA

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