Akon Interview With Chelsea Handler on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Akon was recently on Chelsea Handler‘s show “Chelsea Lately”. The “Freedom” rapper talks jail time, working with Michael Jackson and smacking booties. Plus, Chelsea croons an Akon tune!

4 responses to “Akon Interview With Chelsea Handler on ‘Chelsea Lately’”

  1. Chelsea Handler is a pervert obsessed with herself. Her tasteless comments about sex are unfunny and dry without the cue for audience laughter. She should do further skits with Hudson and maybe De Generes and explore their lesbian hysteria and trashing of persons who will sue them along with her cohort panelists. This is empty air and terrible programming. She can be sued for hacking, invasion of privacy and stalking even nuissance behavour. Some people are useless without being cheap despite her attempt at intelligence and the persons mentioned.

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