“Hey Girl (Patron Tequila)” Keri Hilson or Paradiso Girls feat. T-Pain & Lil Jon – This Track or That Track


Hey Girl (Patron) is the first single from European Pop girlgroup The Paradiso Girls‘ upcoming first studio album. The track is produced Lil Jon and features T-Pain (only on Keri’s version) & Lil Jon.

The Paradiso Girls are an upcoming girl group created by Robin Antin. One member has revealed they will be filming their first Music Video in March. They are seen as the Europe version of the Pussycat Dolls with their own twist. They have been working on their album long before the first season of “The Search For the Next Doll”, so this group is a long time coming in preparation to come out with a bang. Robin is also the choreographer and stylist for Girlicious and the Pussycat Dolls.

The track vocals by Keri Hilson were first leaked onto the internet including T-Pain, later to be revealed that The Paradiso Girls will instead take the song as their lead single, and drop T-Pain on the hook.

Listen/Download: Paradiso Girls feat. Lil Jon – Patron Tequila

Listen/Download: Keri Hilson feat. T-Pain & Lil Jon – Hey Girl



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  1. Well the Paradiso Girls (especially Chelsea <3) have been taking forever but I love this single. Keri is a cocky bitch… Anyways Girlicious is popular (and platinum) in Canada and they have a surprisingly good album (love Baby Doll) and bomb ass music videos (damn those girls can shake it to no end!) I am really excited for their album. Hopefully Girlicious gets released in America soon! They are already working on their next album.

  2. […] “Patron Tequila“ is the first single from girlgroup quintet the Paradiso Girls. The single features Lil Jon and Eve. The group consist of members from different countries. One of them is Chelsea Korka from Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll. The other members are Kelly Beckett and Lauren Bennett from the UK, Shar Mae Amor from Malaysia, and Aria Crescendo from France. Their debut album, Crazy Horse, is to be released sometime in 2009. […]

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