Dorrough Music

  1. Boy I Grind
  2. Ice Cream Paint Job
  3. She Ain’t Got It All (feat. Lil Flip)
  4. Hood Song
  5. Flashout (feat. Mista Mac)
  6. Never Changed
  7. Feel This Way
  8. Piece & Chain Swangin (feat. Slim Thug)
  9. This Time You Was Wrong
  10. Walk That Walk
  11. Wired To The T
  12. Trunk Bang (feat. Tum Tum)
  13. What’s My Ringtone
  14. A Whole Lotta
  15. Caramel Sundae (feat. Fat B)

Dorrough – Dorrough Music

K Jon I Get Around

  1. Intro
  2. I Get Around
  3. Fa Sho
  4. Fly Away
  5. This Time
  6. On The Ocean (Interlude)
  7. On The Ocean
  8. Summer Rain
  9. After The Club
  10. I Know U See It
  11. Doin It Big
  12. What’s Really Good
  13. On Everything
  14. I’ll Never Forget
  15. Vanity

K’Jon – I Get Around


Plies Becky

Plies – Becky

Sean Paul Press It Up

Sean Paul – Press It Up

Madonna Celebration

Madonna – Celebration

J Futuristic 1st Name Last Name

J. Futuristic – 1st Name, Last Name (Formerly known as ‘J. Money’)

Sean Kingston – Wrap U Around Me

  • Sean Kingston - Wrap U Around Me - Single - Wrap U Around Me

Jaicko Oh Yeah

Jaicko – Oh Yeah

Bo Fum

Hustle Boy – Bo’fum