Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida – iYiYi Music Video

Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida – iYiYi Music Video

iYiYi” is the first official single from Cody Simpson‘s debut album. The track features Flo Rida and was produced byDJ Frank E. The music video premiered in early July 2010.

The song was premiered by Cody on his YouTube channel May 15, 2010.

Listen/Download: Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida – iYiYi

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62 responses to “Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida – iYiYi Music Video”

  1. what the fuck!!! you think cody simpson’s usic is better than J.B’s now that where your wrong.
    cody sipson’s music is alright but J.B’s music is better. but then again this song iyiyi is awsome but thats probably the only song that i like.
    fuck it i say it somewhat of a tie.

    • bnce codyyy de ii justin onun kadar yetenekli deil sörf yapıo kaykay yüzmede mdalyası vr jutinde ii ama artık bnc modası biraz geçmeye başladı ama biz yinede sewioz

  2. i love you cody …he is so cool ..and so hot ..i love this song..and i think i love cody simpson more justin bieber @à@@***************I LOVE CODY SIMPSON+++++°°µ¨¨¨£@@

  3. I think Justin Bieber is the best singer, actor,musician,dancer and the most handsome guy alive. He is much better than Cody Simpson coz he is more experienced. I think Cody too sings well. I really like his song iyiyi. But he has a long way to go to be so famous like JB.

  4. One more thing some idiots think that JB is gay or luks like a girl or sings like a girl. Actually those fucking idiots are too jealous of him. If you people have the guts then get famous and show the people u r better. U all idiots just cant so there is just no point in giving ur fucking opinions on JB. We JB lovers know better than to fight with idiots. No offence on Cody he sings well too but not like JB. JB is much better.

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