Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” getting negative feedback?

Could this be so? Janet Jackson‘s fierce new single “Feedback” was the top track on the internet when it first leaked.. but has the track already died? It might seem so. The song failed to crack the top 30s on the singles’ charts. And, according to Soundscan, Feedback, dropped from #44 last week to #66 this week. Sad to hear.

On a brighter note, Rihanna continues to go from better to even better. Rihanna’s new single (I think it’s classified new), Don’t Stop The Music, jumps from #15 to #6 on this week’s Soundscan charts. Rihanna released her self directed video for Don’t Stop The Music back at the end of Summer, before Hate That I Love You – but it is just now hitting MTV and the airwaves and it’s just now blowing up. It has also hit #2 on the iTunes charts.. before long Low is going to drop off and she will claim #1 without a doubt. Go Rihanna!

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