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Lloyd feat. R. Kelly and Jeezy – Lay It Down (Remix)

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Lay It Down” is the lead single from R&B singer Lloyd‘s fourth studio album, King of Hearts.

The remix features R&B singer-songwriter R. Kelly and rapper Jeezy (formerly known as Young Jeezy).

The track and remix were both produced by Polow da Don and sample Patti LaBelle’s “Love, Need and Want You”.

Lyrics for Lloyd feat. R. Kelly & Jeezy – Lay It Down (Remix)

I’ma tear that pussy up
And we ain’t making love girl
We fucking in this club
No disrespect to Usher I ain’t never been a Busta
Kellz put me on the 12 play when I was just a baby
Look I need a good girl
Real hood girl to handle all night
From behind I don’t play no game of mine

I’ma lay it down
All night I make you whine like lay lay lay
Lay your head on my pillow
Lay your head on my pillow
Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Oh lay it down

Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow

I think you need a G-mix
Something like a remix
Instead it’s for the G’s in the street and the bad bitches
What’s a bad bitch she a hood classic
Big thighs red bones chocolate fantastic
Tongue do magic
Go go magic
84 miles cause her hair fantastic
This girl she got me stranded..
And… tucked in the bed like
Oh my god
Usher no faction
Bring my niggas in for this remix
And leave that love shit out on this G-mix
you hear Kellz and my nigga Jeezy
Miss Patti LaBelle she ripped the first one off so fucking easy
Easy oh the streets need me
Bring back the shit that make you run and make a baby
This that new 12 play RVG shit
It’s Young Lloyd R Kelly and Jeezy

Lay your hand on my pillow
Hand on my pillow
Lay your hand on my pillow
Hand on my pillow (this the remix!)
Lay your hand on my pillow
Hand on my pillow
Lay your hand on my pillow
Hand on my pillow (ohh)

Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow

Lay it down lay it down
You ho lay it down every time I’m at your crib “Young, you smell like a pound” YEAH!
Got the condo cracking baby what’s happening
Probably’d still have them white squares if a n-gga wasn’t rappin
First I undress ya then I’m jumping off the dresser
I see you like my money girl I give you a lecture (aha)
That ass so fine make you watch it like a Sony
First you grab on my hair then you ride it like a pony
Louis V house… yeah it match the house folk
All white everything yeah you know the house dope
Calicos on deck baby this is G-shit
Bust it wide open lay it down this the remix

I’ve got a question for the haters
Will you always be little men that cannot see what once was can be again
Tiny little men
Haha the king lives Polow

Chilling in this club thinking how to get wit cha
I’ve painted tonight I could show you the picture
You and me taking shots I’m getting in your hair
And we fucking up a storm in my bed
That’s the intro
Don’t wanna come off sounding like just another verse
See I just wanna sing this bitch no rehearse
Sexual freestyle off the top of my head
I’ll figure the rest out when I get you in my bed
Let me switch it up so I can talk about these silly cats
Try to take my sh-t but I’m like OJ bitch give me that
Back to the lecture at hand
My sex is perfection I’ma make these chicks understand
That I wanna teach you
I wanna teach you
Shawty I wanna teach you
And then I wanna eat you

Lay your head on my pillow
Head on my pillow
Lay your head on my pillow
Head on my pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow
Baby bite the pillow

Way you lay your head on my pillow
I know girl this gonna get serious like Thriller
You gon’ feel that monster get bigger
And I ain’t got no rhyme for the next part
I ain’t got no rhyme for the next part
But that’s okay because this is the remix
Yo blame Polow cause he made me do this
He called me up and set me on this sh-t
Said Kellz on it’ll it’ll be a bigger hit

A bigger hit

Polow you owe me one (yep yep)
Nigga you owe me one (yep yep)
That’s right you owe me one
I’m just bullshitting with you dawg
Send me a case of Ciroc or some shit
Lloyd what up yo, Holla at your boy

Listen to: Lloyd feat. R. Kelly & Jeezy – Lay It Down (Remix)

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