Dirty Dancer” is a promotional single by American rapper Snoop Dogg – from his eleventh studio album, Doggumentary Music.

The track was produced by produced by Trylogy and features American R&B singer-songwriter Trey Songz.

Lyrics for Snoop Dogg feat. Trey Songz – Dirty Dancer

I wanna see you work it baby, you’re my dirty dancer

You’re my dirty dancer
You’re my dirty dancer
You’re my dirty dancer
You’re my, you’re my dirty dancer
You’re my dirty dancer
You’re my dirty dancer
You’re my dirty dancer

[Snoop Dogg]
That’s my dirty girl, she do her dirty dance
She get dirty money, for her dirty man
She give me everything, she take her dirty chance
She say I’m something new, not like her other man
Well let me do the thinking, this what I recommend
My n-gger money talk that’s what she comprehend
Say that sad story, you hear them violins?
And for a tall glass of Landy, here it is
She living in my lap, just like a two for one
See that’s the fact, couple of stacks, she gonna leave with one
Shoot that weak gang, like a bb gun
And watch her do her thang, oh she gonna get it done
This girl body out the game, she a home run
She my dirty dancer, I owe her one
System overload, brain overdone, it’s Big Snoop Dogg,
Go on sing it Trey Songz

[Trey Songz – Chorus]
You know money aint a thang, I love the way you working it
Drinks on me cause I love the wa you twerkin’ it
Tell me is you ready? What’s your answer shorty?
You’re my dirty dancer
You’re my dirty dancer
The cash on deck, what you working with
Face down, ass up
From the club to the crib, you know what it is
You’re my, you’re my dirty, you’re my dirty dancer


[Snoop Dogg – Verse 2]
She my dirty dancer, this her favorite song
And when she at the house, when she all alone
She in the mirror dancing nasty with no panties on
I see you girl, fantasizing about to set the tone
Can’t wait to put your heels, and stilettos on
I know you’re ready show the world what you really on
Dancing like that, you might need a license
So enticing, dancing while she setting prices
Damn, that’s dangerous but lucrative
Do it right, go big and you’ll get super rich
With that fat ass and them super hips
Slow motion mami, we know you the shit
It’s a dirty world so be a dirty chick
And I’ll do them other girls this about chips
Let it take control and make it make sense
Money ain’t a thang, you’re my dirty chick

[Trey Songz – Chorus]

Girl you know I want it, don’t you want it too
I can do whatever, he was never ever gonna do
Girl your body’s so sick, I just wanna touch you
Take your clothes off and your toes curl up
Do ya body body like nobody never do
Get it like ohhh, do it,
Once we’ve done it, you’ll be feeling like ooooooh
Had a lot of women but nobody like yooou
Girl the way you move
Baby puyt ya tricks on me
And she do it real quick, 6 feet
Get ya red lipstick please
Do ya dirty dance on me



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