Soulja Boy –

1. Intro
2. Crank That (Soulja Boy)
3. Sidekick
4. Snap and Roll
5. Bapes (feat. Arab)
6. Let Me Get Em

7. Donk
8. Yahhh! (feat. Arab)
9. Pass It To Arab (feat. Arab)
10. Soulja Girl (feat. I-15)
11. Booty Meat
12. Report Card
13. She Thirsty
14. Don’t Get Mad

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So I was recently in Memphis, apparently Soulja Boy is the hottest thing in the south since probably Lil’ Jon, except this guy is actually pretty decent. He came from Internet to mainstream working and doing all his songs by himself. Pretty much these tracks are about a year and older but Interscope found some of them perfectly fine to retouch, and edit the cussing out and release it as a full CD. Well they did a great job, Crank That (Soulja Boy) is tearing up the charts and #1 on the Billboard right now. Some of these tracks are great (Let Me Get Em, Report Card) and some are hideous (Sidekick). Either way this is a hot CD to bump to in your car, room, and to dance to. Did I mention that every song has a dance to it? This guy is blowing up, you’d see him everywhere if his songs were actually great, but they’re only mediocre and nice to listen to for a month or two. I bet he’ll have fun singing “My Sidekick, My Sidekick, My Sidekick” over and over in concerts..

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