Video: Swizz Beatz – Candy Green

Clothing retailer Gap completed their “Sound of Color” campaign today. The ad was conceived by assigning five artists a color and having them create an original song based upon the prearranged color. Rapper, producer and Full Surface Records founder Swizz Beatz teamed up with up-and-coming director Tom Gatsoulis on the song “Candy Green.” Swizz has previously appeared in Gap advertisements, and will have the benefit of retaining the rights to his music after the month-long viral campaign is finished for Gap.

“I didn’t want to do a song I wasn’t comfortable giving to the DJs,” Swizz tells Billboard. “I took the approach of, ‘How would I use green in a painting without making green the main ingredient, and use it in the slickest way?’”

Gap director of advertising Jamie Gersch says the goal of the campaign is to connect with people via digital media and convey the emotion of the company’s new spring line. Swizz is the sole Hip Hop artist featured in the campaign, which also includes the Ravonettes, Dntel, the Blakes and Marie Digby. The “Sound of Color” campaign isn’t the first foray into the fashion world for Swizz Beatz, he also serves as a partner for Kid Robot. (Source)

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