Disc 1
1. Fuego (Ranny’s English Club Mix) – The Cheetah Girls
2. Long Time (Peter Brown Mix) – Rod Carrillo (feat. Ronnie Sumrall)
3. Taking Chances (Ralphi & Craig J. Vocal Mix/Ultimix Edit by Stacy Mier) – Celine Dion
4. My Life Again (Lenny B Club Mix) – Lauren Hildebrandt
5. Piece Of Me (Bimbo Jones Remix) – Britney Spears
6. The Story Of… (Heavinz Remix) – Sound Bridge
7. WhatsitgonnaB? (I’m So Ready) (Albert C Club Mix) – Brian Anthony
8. Do It Yourself (Go Out And Get It) (Extended Mix) – Uniting Nations
9. Burning Memory (Klubjumpers/Rick Corbo Tribal Mix) – Mario Racadio
10. Zombie (2-4 Grooves Club Remix) – Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz
11. Let Go (PvD Clubmix) – Paul van Dyk (feat. Rea Garvey)

Disc 2
1. Charmed Life (Ford Club Mix) – Mick Jagger
2. With Every Heartbeat (Tong And Spoon Wonderland Remix) – Robyn
3. Beautiful (Hex Hector’s Vocal Mix) – Taylor Dayne
4. Head Over Heels (Warren Rigg/Reed McGowan Club Mix) – Sylvia Tosun
5. HOT SHOT (The Karen Young Reheat – Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Remix) – Karen Young
6. Together (Eddie Thorneick Vocal Mix – Bob Sinclar (feat. Steve Edwards)
7. Unsealed (Harris vs. Harris Remix (No Rap) – DJ Russ Harris (feat. Jiga)
8. I Can’t Help Myself (Jason Rooney Remix – Bellatrax (feat. Sophia May)
9. Stronger (Gotta Be) (Killjoy & Eg Vocal Mix) – Inari
10. Back In Your Head (Josh Harris Club Remix) – Tegan And Sara

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