Aubrey O'Day 1

Aubrey O’Day, 23, from the group Danity Kane was selected to be the new face of the fashion line “Famous Stars and Straps” by Travis Barker. I didn’t even know Travis Barker had his own fashion line. That’s pretty cool. Although, I have no idea why he would choose washed up, has-been Aubrey O’Day to be the face of his new line!! Isn’t that just murder?!

Aubrey is looking a little Christina Aguilera DIRRRTY here! Don’t you think? I don’t know… I think she needs more eye make-up! Source Popbytes.

Aubrey O'Day 2

Aubrey O'Day 3


  1. She a pretty girl and obv she didn’t do her makeup being they hAve hair and makeup artists for that & anyways who cares I’m sure she could give a Sh*ts less she’s still getting a phat paycheck either way!!