“Bad Girl” is a dance-pop song recorded by American R&B group Danity Kane, and official second single. It was written by Nathaniel Hills, Mary Brown, James Washington and Melissa Elliott and produced by Danja, featuring guest vocals by rapper Missy Elliott.

The music video for “Bad Girl ” was directed by Erik White. The video features a cameo from Missy Elliot, the concept of the video is a Graphic Novel and will stay true to the line in the song “When the red light comes on I transform” as each member will have an alter ego.

  • Aubrey O’Day – portrays a con trying to claim her innocence while in custody.

“When the red light comes on”, ‘The Sweet’ Aubrey hand cuffs the detective to her chair and slaps him about to make her escape.

  • D. Woods – portrays a peep show girl who enchants her suitor.

“When the red light comes on”, ‘The Luscious’ D.Woods grabs him and knocks him out, managing to take all his money.

  • Dawn Richard – portrays a damsel in distress, who is confined and hidden in Dr. Que’s secret laboratory.

Time is running out, but “When the red light comes on”, ‘The Lovely’ Dawn breaks loose, and strangles him unexpectedly.

  • Aundrea Fimbres – portrays a hostage imprisoned in a dank basement, who is chained up and planning her escape.

“When the red light comes on”, ‘The Ravishing’ Aundrea breaks free and knocks out her kidnapper.

  • Shannon Bex – portrays a biker babe being chased through ‘Gotham City’ on her motorbike by another biker.

“When the red light comes on”, Shannon kicks him off his Motorbike.