Bobby Brackins – Focus “Artist” Spotlight

Bobby Brackins – Focus “Artist” Spotlight

Bobby Brackins is the latest signee to Indie-Pop Music. The same label that has brought to you DEV & The Cataracs, producers of “Like a G6“.

The 22-year old Oakland, California, rapper Bobby Brackin’s lead first Ray J supported single “143“. It was released in mid 2010 it recieved mild radio airplay and over 2 million video views on his official YouTube Vevo in just short of half a year – above average for a new comer in the game.

Continue reading below to find out exactly why new comer Bobby Brackins’ is making The Hype Factor’s MUST WATCH Featured artist of the YEAR!

As Indie-Pop notes: “We’re very proud to announce the debut EP from the young Bobby Brackins, “Live Good 0.5″. The EP includes four Bobby Brackins classics with guest appearances from Ray J, The Cataracs, Dev, and Marc of the 2AM Club. Bobby shot four mini videos to celebrate the release. Available now on iTunes.”

Check out Bobby Brackins’ debut release Feel Good 0.5 EP – now available on iTunes:

  • Live Good .5 - EP - Bobby Brackins


Bobby Brackins feat. Ray J – 143

His first single “143” featuring Ray J has already had over 2 mil views only after a short six months later after being posted to his official YouTube Vevo account and a reason being that it’s addictive song also known as “I Love You” 143 being the numbers coordinating with the number of letters spelling out “I Love You”, naturally.

Many buzz snippets have been released, and if these don’t get you pumped for Bobby’s upcoming studio album, I don’t know what will. If you enjoy them below, you might be happy to know a majority of these tracks made the cut of his “Live Good 0.5 EP” featuring songs: “A1” featuring Dev, “Break It Down” featuring The Cataracs etc.

“A1” Bobby Brackins feat Dev starring Rosa Acosta [teaser trailer]

“Break It Down” Bobby Brackins feat The Cataracs (Campa Mini-Video)


Bobby Brackins feat. Dev – A1 [Banger of a Track!!]

Bobby Brackins feat. Jeremih – 180
[Banger of a Track!! Included on his upcoming studio album]

Bobby Brackins featured in XXL Magazine

Write up from XXL Magazine: “Where’s the Party? That’s the question 22-year-old Oakland, California, rapper Bobby Brackins is trying to answer for today’s hip-hop audience. “Everything nowadays is real emo and dark,” says Brackins. “I like to make songs about having fun, and hooking up with the girls, and being with your friends, and going out clubbing and relationships.” His lighthearted outlook is evidence by his lively, Ray J-assisted lead single, “143,” which peaked at No. 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart this past August 2010.

Long before the rookie MC’s fliratious single (“143” is text code for “I Love You”) garnered a buzz, Brackins spent his youth watching local rappers spit rhymes in the Bay Area studio Pajama Studios, where his father worked as a business manager. By high school, the fledling rapper was a member of the Bay Area hip-hop outfit Go Dav. In 2006, the group’s playful track “Ride or Die Chick” caught the attention of T-Pain’s manager, Rocco Valdes, thruogh MySpace. A year later, Go Dav signed a management deal with Valdes, but the group sat in a holding pattern and the deal fizzled out in January 2008. Brackins trudged on with his solo career, building a musical rapport with Bay Area producer Nic Nac (“143,” “Ride or Die Chick”. B dropped his first official mixtape, Roberto CaBobby, in 2009, and later that year signed with Northern Cali-based indie label Tycoon Status. Brackin’s new management team, Indie-Pop, was able to lock down a Ray J collaboration, and when Universal Republic caught wind of the catchy collaboration, they inked Brackins to a solo deal in March 2010.”

Now, as he prepares his debut album, Live Good, slated for release in early 2011, look for B to deliver a musical gumbo rap, rock, pop) with a heavy focus on having fun. “I dont like to stay in one lane,” he says. “I like to venture off and try new things.. and see what works.” So far so good – Georgette Cline

— OTHER STUFF from Bobby Brackins —
“I’m Ready” Music Video – Bobby Brackins feat Marc Griffin

Bobby Brackins and Marc “I’m Ready” Acapella

Bobby Brackins‘ even has had a feature in DEV’s single “Bass Down Low” he first appears at the 0:43 mark – to the left of Dev in the first show – watch out for his cameo below in DEV’s music video.

Check out Bobby Brackins’ debut release Feel Good 0.5 EP – now available on iTunes:

  • Live Good .5 - EP - Bobby Brackins

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