VIDEO: Girls Aloud – “The Loving Kind”

VIDEO: Girls Aloud – “The Loving Kind”

The Loving Kind” is the twentieth single by British pop group Girls Aloud, and the second single to be taken from their fifth studio album, Out of Control. The song is co-written by the Pet Shop Boys, and will be released on 12 January 2009.


In the video, “the girls appear to be duplicated as they perform against a backdrop of multiple mirrors.” The boxes are either coloured black, red, or white. The girls portray the “good” Girls Aloud, who are the lovable kind, and their “bad” alter egos, who are not. The bad Girls Aloud throw wine and smash the glass that covers their boxes. Pop music blog PopJustice noted that “twenty singles in, Girls Aloud have made their best video yet.”

Listen/Download: Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind


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