Eat You Up” is the first lead US single from overseas Asian Pop star BoA. The single was produced by Bloodshy & Avant.

BoA is the equivalent to Britney in Asia (record sales, etc.). She’s the most successful Asian female artists in the world. She sings in Korean (native language), Japanese, Chinese and English. The digital single is released on October 7th, and the commercial CD single is released on November 11th. Her US debut album is titled Look Who’s Talking due in January ’09.

I’ll eat you up.. so yum-yum.. can’t get enough.. I think I’m in love…

Listen/Download: BoA – Eat You Up

“Eat You Up MV” Teaser A (Diane Martel, US Version)

“Eat You Up MV” Teaser B (Cha Eun Taek, Korean version)

BoA debut single for the American market “Eat You Up” will be released online as a digital single on 14th October and subsequently as a single album on 11th November in America. The full “Eat You Up” MV will be out on 7th October. BoA is also planning to release her full-length english album in early 2009.

BoA said confidently during the press conference

I will prepare myself just like when I entered the Japanese market as a rookie singer. I will strive to achieve the best and give it my best shot. I want to integrate myself into the American market and not as BoA from Korea. I want to be known as a singer working hard in America and let people all over the world hear my music.


  1. It’s very long period till the album will be released.
    She’s very success in Japan,thought.
    It’s now time for her to go for the much higher road.
    Hope this album will be accepted by the Americans. ^^

    Eversince I watch her first preview,I think it’s cool!! BoA is very talented of dancing and her voice during live performance is also very good,too.

  2. I love BoA; I’ve been following her material for years– especially her Japanese albums. I’m sad to say that the song, while amazingly catchy, wont make it in the American market. If it was in Japanese or Korean, however, it would be a hit. Her english is just not natural enough for listeners to attach to this song… not to mention the US music industry is strictly black and white. If you’re half white, half indian– you’re white. if your mixed or hispaanic; you’re black. The only succesful asians in the US industry are Amerie and Ne-Yo, and they’re both marketed as African-Americans. No asian has ever made it big musically in the US– so although I’d like to believe BoA has a chance, It’s impossible.

  3. Heard that the single to be download by itunes will be delayed to like 24th or something!

    Well..after listen to her song carefully,I must say > it’s no different from her Korean ”Girls on top” or ”My name” at all. It sounds very the same. haha Even worse is that her lyrics! it’s so sick!!! there’s nothing but eagerly to eat up a man!!

    There’s a long way to go girl! Thought ‘d like to see you success but anyway!! Music Industry in US is not easy to reach!Yourself,your lyrics,your background must be cool!! I don’t know how to clarify this ”cool” word but you might could realise it yourself,thought.

    Somehow,I still want to support her full album. Hope next single will be better,BoA.

    • BoA’s dancing is no short of amazing, her song lyrics are like poetry especially in Eat You Up, and judging by her other songs she can sing BETTER than Britney. Who the f**k is Gummy or Doni? Only Big Mama I know is Lil Kim ’cause that’s her other alias that Biggie gave her. BoA is the sh** and Eat You Up is the song responsible for her getting my attention in the first place.

  4. I love Boa once she entered the Japanese market. I didn’t like her in the Korean market back in the old days. I’ve followed her music for years, and i feel that ‘Eat You Up’ totally sounds like Britney’s songs, not a Boa song. Hopefully, the American market will like her. She’s charismatic and sweet. I know that there will be soooo many critics on every little move she makes. I’m very excited for her debut in ’09.

  5. the MV for the asian version is out! she can really dance!
    and people should hear her songs that emphasizes her vocals. this song just does not give her that chance. but the vid rocks!
    i hope they just use this for the american version. i don’t know what should be so different, except that she’s supposed to look seductive in her american vid? hell no!

  6. Boa puts a lot of efforts. She tries really hard. Look at her dance moves! She must have practiced really hard. Dont care about her english accent. soon she will improve her accent. this song is okay but she needs to improve a little more. but she is almost there. SHe will be successful in America soon

  7. Boa’s so amazing. The asian version of the video is so amazing compared to the american one. Geesh, can’t american people think of better ways to do a video. Plus the make up in the american one is not so great. I wished they would just used the asian one for the US debut. I love her but the american one lacks. The song is great except the lyrics are a little weird. BEST OF LUCK BOA!!