Mya – Liberation VBR

1. Liberation
2. I Am (feat. Penelope Jones)
3. Walka Not a Talka (feat. Snoop Dogg)
4. Still a Woman
5. No Touchin’
6. Lock U Down (feat. Lil Wayne)

7. Lights Go Off
8. Ridin’
9. Switch It Up
10. Give a Chick a Hand
11. All in the Name of Love
12. Life Is Too Short
13. Nothin’ at All

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Album leaking months early, sort of. The Japanese release of this is already out, but you can check for releases around the rest of the world near the end of this year, or early next year. But about the album, it’s HOTT! The second I gave this a listen, I loved every track. Every track has a nice melody, dramatic, but edgy sound. I just believe the wrong singles have dropped, or at the wrong time since there are some amazing tracks on here. Should hurry up and release it in the US or true fans will lose interest. Make sure to enjoy and please buy it if you really enjoy it, because this is a worthy album that should be known.

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