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Rihanna feat. Andy Samberg – Shy Ronnie on Saturday Night Live


Shy Ronnie is a Viral Video from Saturday Night Live, it features Rihanna & Andy Samberg. Samberg appeared with singer Rihanna in an episode of SNL recently, under the alter-ego of “Shy Ronnie”. Rihanna takes the hook, and Andy Samberg or “Shy Ronnie” takes the verses.. well you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

11 replies on “Rihanna feat. Andy Samberg – Shy Ronnie on Saturday Night Live”

kay so i’ve searched the net for nearly five minutes now and all i can find for shy ronnie’s lyrics are [ronnie mumbles] even when rihanna leaves the room he busts out the sickest rap, but i cannot find the lyrics anywhere. he’s saying something when he’s mumbling, why can’t we know why?

i definately have, and can’t find any lyrics for ronnie’s part either. like, they have to be somewhere, i’m pretty sure a comical genius like andy samburg wouldn’t just sit there and mumble, there’s gotta be something hillarious coming out of his mouth at those times…

I would also like to know what Shy Ronnie is mumbling!

This is what I understood:
“Name’s Shy Ronnie and I’m runnin’ this sh**!
You know I stay steady strapped cause life is a bitch!”
and at the very end:
“You can get with me, but I can’t get with you
And I don’t need no beat, I’ll keep rockin’ acapella
You should hang with me because my name is Shy Ronnie”

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