Get Like Me” is the first single from American pop trio School Gyrls‘ upcoming self titled debut album. “Get Like Me” was composed by Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Mariah has been the backing vocals of the song. School Gyrls will release their self-titled debut album on March 23rd 2010. School Gyrls are an American pop trio. Signed to Nick Cannon’s NCredible Entertainment, the group starred in an eponymous movie that premiered on Nickelodeon on February 21, 2010, a series of novels that will be published by Aladdin Books, and a comic book series in partnership with Archie Comics.

Listen/Download: School Gyrls – Get Like Me

Teens Mandy Moseley (“Mandy Rain”), Monica Anne Parales (“Mo’Money”), and Jacque Rae Pyles (“Jacque Nimble”) officially formed the School Gyrls in November 2008. They made their television debut as the School Gyrls with Nick Cannon on the season finale of E! television series Party Monsters Cabo in January 2009. The group has since been busy recording their debut album which will be released under the Island Def Jam imprint in 2010. A self titled, full length (just short of 60 minutes) feature film written and directed by Cannon recently wrapped also which centers entirely around the three teen stars and features cameos from Reverend Run, Vanessa Simmons, Justin Bieber, Kristinia DeBarge, Soulja Boy, Angie Stone, Pete Wentz, Mathias Anderle, and others. The School Gyrls movie premiered on Nickelodeon on February 21, 2010 and is slated to air on TeenNick on March 19, 2010

Signed to Nick Cannon’s NCredible Entertainment, Cannon was first introduced to Mandy Rain (daughter of actor/comedian Mark Moseley) on the set of Star Camp, the reality show produced by Cannon for Nickelodeon, where she served as the youngest member of the Star Camp group “The Giggle Club.” After Star Camp wrapped, Cannon began auditioning other teens to begin (with Moseley) a dynamic all girl pop group and found Jacque Pyles and Monica Ann Parales.


  1. you are the best group ever! i love all your songs especially Get Like Me. Hey Jaque your my favorite girl in the movie. Mandy ,you are so correct about liking Justin Bieber , he is AWESOME! MONICAAA, you are so innocent and sweet because you treat eveyone so nicely and i like how you sang I m Not Just a Girl. One more thing, Jaque , you act so teenagish, i like it because tou act really sweet and YOU CANT GET IT LIKE ME, haha im kidding! I loveee Soulja Boy tooo! you all are my fav. girls. im a girl just to tell you ! -bye!!!!

  2. yo u gyrls r tha boom 4real tho yall nice i luv all tha songs on the CD and i really luv GET LIKE ME!!!! and IM NOT JUST A GIRL!!!!! LUV IT!!!! NO DOUBT!!! LOL!!! But 4real JAQUE MONICA and MANDY YALL AWESOME!!!!!! YALL TIGHT AND ALL THAT!!!!!!! SO LIKE YALL SONG G3T L1K3 M3!! LoL!!!