Hard White (Up In The Club)” is the first official single and music video from American rapper Yelawolf‘s upcoming debut studio album (through Shady Records and InterscopeRecords), Radioactive.

The Banger of a Track features Lil Jon.

The music video premiered on Yelawolf’s official YouTube VEVO channel in mid September 2011.

“Yela and his raucous crew roll up in trucks and bikes for a wild night that includes bar brawling, pie throwing, human bowling, girl-on-girl wrestling, and features a cameo from party animal Lil Jon.” [via Rap-Up]

Lyrics for Yelawolf feat. Lil Jon – Hard White (Up In The Club)

It’s your boy Lil Jon, got my partner Yelawolf with me
(yeah) what’s up Yela
You know it’s time to crank the club up again.

[Verse 1:]
Yea, yea you ain’t gotta lay down your back to know you already f-cked up.
Letting me in the motherf-cking game is like letting me drunk drive in your truck.
When yelawolf arrived in this club
I already had 5 in my cup, I done took another hit
I done ran into a b-tch that’s looking lifeless and stuck,
baby what’s wrong with you now
what you ain’t happy with red bottoms,
mad cause I’m in VIP with a f-cking jack bottle

With Tom, Dick, and Harry; but I got up in this b-tch with Tank Top
’cause I spit so very. Dumb Quick and Scary.
That’s why they so quick to compare me
But f-ck the critics, with a spike d-ck, when it can fit barely.
They probably think I’m a limp biscuit that spits jelly.
But I put them in the woods, I’m a redneck.
I’m a hick tell me, go ahead. (yeah!)
What the f-ck does it matter to me, ’cause after me they’ll only be wannabe’s
and mostly ain’t never gonna be’s.
Yea, in this forest I’m a lonely tree
my limbs are covered in tattoos, and my roots they run deep I’m..

Two bottle shawty, two bitches waiting, two tens, that’s a win, win situation
Happy Birthday, I’m feeling brand new
Drinks on me, for me not you.

Up in the club, don’t give a f-ck, up in the club
Don’t give a f-ck, up in the club,
Don’t give a f-ck, up in the club
Still don’t give a f-ck.

[Verse 2:]
I don’t know what to say after that first verse
I mean like damn I just killed it
What the f-ck am I supposed to do with this cow
I done already milked it.
Smoke another cigarette unfiltered,
let go of anything that I’m feeling.
They done broke me down so many times before that I’m no longer rapping I’m building
with one brick, two brick, three brick, four
Underneath the steps of my single wide door…

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