Mariah Carey now know as “That Chick”

Mariah's new single: I’m very excited to report that airbrush queen Mariah‘s brand new single will finally premiere tomorrow! US radio KHOP 95.1 will premiere Mariah’s first single from her upcoming album, titled “That Chick“, on Tuesday! The radio station will be the very first to premiere the song! Can not wait to here it! I’ve been waiting ages!

I think with every album she does she lowers her standards each time. I, personally think, that That Chick‘s title sounds like a big flop, I’m surprised it doesn’t feature Mims. Picture it.. Mims + Mimi… separated at birth.

UPDATE: KHOP 95.1 just announced that “That Chick” won’t be released until next Tuesday. Are they trying to airbrush it up a little?

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  1. I have been a supporter of Mariah’s for years now, I have no doubt it will probably be a decent album – but in my opinion the lead single title sounds stupid, and so will anyone who hears it. I really can’t wait for the track, I hope it’s great.

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