1. promo-only-dance-radio-juneLoveGame (Dave Audé Radio Edit) – Lady GaGa
  2. Waking Up In Vegas (Manhattan Clique Radio Edit) – Katy Perry
  3. Gone (Radio Edit) – Lasgo
  4. Another Day (Sunfreakz Radio Edit) – Sophia May
  5. If This Is Love (Deziak Radio Edit) – Kathy Phillips
  6. In Danger (Radio Edit) – MSTRSS f./Deborah Lee
  7. You Touch (Merayah Radio Remix) – D.H.T. f./Edmee
  8. Runnin (Radio Edit) – Doman & Gooding f./Dru
  9. Rewind (Karmatronic Radio Edit) – 3BE f./Kelly Barnes
  10. In For The Kill (Dean Coleman & Nima Nas Radio Edit) – La Roux
  11. I Did It For Love (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Radio Edit) – BoA
  12. American Cowboy (Funk Generation Radio Mix) – Jada
  13. Hush Hush (Dave Audé Radio Edit) – The Pussycat Dolls
  14. Addicted (Radio Edit) – Serge Devant f./Hadley
  15. The Boy Is Mine (Albert Castillo Radio Mix) – LoveShy
  16. Put Your Hands Up In The Air (Radio Edit) – Clubworxx & Jerry Ropero f./Mr. Mike
  17. Dancing Into Danger (Maddox Calder Radio Edit) – Novaspace
  18. Sing (Jody den Broeder Radio Edit) – Wynonna
  19. For An Angel 2009 (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit) – Paul van Dyk
  20. Sound Of Missing You (Radio Mix) – Ameerah
  21. She Came Along (Ecstacy Of Radio Edit) – Sharam f./Kid Cudi
  22. Gypsy Woman 2009 (Radio Edit) – Tristan Garner vs. Crystal Waters

Listen/Download: Promo Only: Dance Radio June 2009

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