Shontelle Licky Under the Covers

Licky is the lead single from Bajan singer Shontelle‘s sophomore studio album. The song hits iTunes Store today and will be sent to radio on January 26, 2010. This song samples the European dance hit, “Licky”, by Larry Tee & Princess Superstar.

The music video will be filmed on November 18, 2009. The music video will be filmed by Ray Kay. It is also rumoured that the choreographer for the video will be JaQuel Knight (Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”).

Lyrics for Shontelle – Licky (Under the Covers)

LI Licky CK Licky Y
Licky all night

LI Licky CK Licky Y
The way that you like


So many differ-ent reasons that I’m differ-ent
These flavours got dipping in
Aint none of you got
She got a differ-ence, at least when I’m licking when
Ma poking and ticklish
It comes tonight

Peaches the sweetest
the creamiest taste for love
It makes you sweep the licky can can

Chocolate kisses, vanilla thighs
Just what it takes to get in ya mind
Ticking we tongue, addicted to taste
Cinnamon lemon, a dozen to try …

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