BoA “BoA” – Album Review

BoA “BoA” – Album Review


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BoA‘s latest album will be the debut eponymous English studio album by Korean pop singer BoA and her twelfth studio album overall. If you’re wondering what it sounds like, it’s basically the typical Britney Spears album – without the filler tracks and without the slow ballads. Bass thumping tracks from beginning to end. Exactly what you might expect from the queen of pop – BoA is definitely breaking into the U.S. With the help of Avant & Bloodshy, Brian Kennedy and Sean Garrett there’s no doubt this will please fans worldwide.

BoA, originally titled Look Who’s Talking, will be the debut eponymous English studio album by Korean pop singer BoA and her twelfth studio album overall. It was released on March 17, 2009. The album will be released in Japan boxed with her second greatest hits album, Best & USA, as a 2-in-1 CD.

BoA / “I Did It For Love” Music Video featuring Sean Garrett

I Did It For Love” is her second single. The track features, was written and produced by Sean Garrett. It has the very addictive sound that Sean Garrett is currently perfecting with all theses smashes he’s been putting out lately. One of the best songs on the album. “I I I I – Did it did it did it for love..”

Did Ya is a track that includes an acoustic guitar for most of the song, which gives a very different sound that what typically is found in BoA’s songs. It is produced by Bloodshy & Avant and is a great production. “forgot to mention my new man, take that.. You should’ve loved me right when you had me, shoulda shoulda but you didn’t Did Ya?”

Dress Off is a very listenable pop/electo-rock track produced by Adrian Newman, however it sounds to the point you can hardly recognize it’s BoA in parts of the song. However, there is a point where BoA shows off her high vocals, which did impress me. “So all you gotta do is, take my dress off…”

BoA / “Energetic” Music Video

Energetic is a bass thumping track, very similiar to Eat You Up. It is produced by Sean Garrett who is also uncredited featured. No doubt my favorite track on the entire album. The bass that gets you dancing the second it kicks in, an excellent production from start to finish. HOT! “I’m feelin so energtic, don’t think ya’ll will ever get it.”

BoA / “Eat You Up” Music Video

Eat You Up is the first single, produced by Henrik Jonback. This track is very infectious and insanely catchy. If it hasn’t already, you’ll be singing the hook aloud and bumpin it in your system. “I’ll eat you love, your love, your love I’ll eat you up, your love, your love I’ll eat you up, so yum yum Can’t get enough, I think I’m in love.” Excellent single and song!

Touched samples the Jewely box windup sound (listen, you’ll get it), and it does it over one of the hottest beats on the entire album.  It was produced by Bloodshy & Avant “I wanna be touched, I wanna be touched…”

Look Who’s Talking is produced Henrik Jonback, and includes writing credits from Britney Spears. Meet South Korean Britney. The track is also a cover of the 2007 B-side by German girl group Monrose. It sounds identical to what Britney used to do around her Britney/In The Zone era.“Hey hey hey, so look whos talking loud – thats what this songs about, Me. Hey hey hey…”

Obsessed is an electro-rock song, produced by Brian Kennedy that you could easily hear in Guitar Hero with similiar styles to Freeze Pop. “I’m obsessed with you tonight.. I’m goin crazy if I’m myself, I want you and no one else, simply on a signal of my distress I’m confess – I’m obsessed. “

Girls On Top is an English cover of the song with the same name from her fifth Korean studio album.

Hypnotic Danceflooris a really nice dance production by Henrik Jonback. It has an alright hook but a really good beat. Really makes you want to dance. I’m sure if you’re familiar to dancing on a dancefloor, you know that it can be really fun. Hypnotic Dancefloor is a nice track that sums it all up in a song. “Burning up on this Hypnotic Dancefloor, I’m gonna..”

“Eat You Up” and “I Did It For Love” both have been very successful online. Despite the lack of promotion – fans will really notice the quality of the album. Bass thumping tracks with infectious hooks – what’s not to like?! Some fans may not like it however. BoA whom used to write her own songs on previous albums, lacks that on this album. There are some very standout tracks and overall a great dance party and album. So if you don’t mind some professionally written/produced songs, then you have nothing to worry about. BoA provides some great vocals over a great upbeat album. This might please the upbeat listener (like me), but might not meet some expections for those listeners wanting to hear a ballad.

Outstanding Tracks

  • “I Did It For Love” featuring Sean Garrett
  • “Energetic”
  • “Eat You Up”
  • “Touched”
  • “Scream”
  • “Hypnotic Dancefloor”

THE HYPE FACTOR Evaluation: 4 1/2 out of 5

Check out BoA’s debut album eponymous English studio album. Available now!

Available on iTunes now!


7 responses to “BoA “BoA” – Album Review”

  1. I think she's shit.
    I'm Korean and to see an albun like this is shameful. Her vocals don't shine at all and all the songs are so electrofied with strong beats, it''s like club music. Plus the entertainment she's in is a teeny bopper company not a hiphop company. What shit.

  2. I actually really liked the CD, i doubt she will have US success. She didn't have too much promo. Only good thing I saw was her promoting with Forever21. could make the girls buy her CD. Girl can dance. NO LIE! but yeh. wish her luck! i liked it and that's all that matters too me.

  3. Despite the fact that this may not match the level of some of her japanese works, I think that this is avery good album. Every song is armed with hook phrases and infectious lines, very catchy indeed. I'd Give it 4/5

  4. If you've listened to BoA's previous works and has followed her from the beginning in Asia, it's quite difficult to listen to this new sound of hers, but for an American audience, I think this is appropriate. I personally think it's an amazing album. It's just a different image and sound for her that her old fans need getting used to.

  5. irees is right, all of her new albums are not too good to others but it was so fantastic if american audience listened to this. We have different tasted in music so no offense for that ^^, I really love BoAs album whatever it is, i IDOLIZE her!

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